Why are probiotics essential for women

Why are probiotics essential for women

With busy schedules and requiring to cram 48 hours worth of work in 24 hours, women are most susceptible to neglecting their health requirements, thereby suffering the consequences.

Health supplements have come as a great source of relief to such women and also those who believe in maintaining a proper dietary regime. Apart from all the vitamins and nutrients, there are certain bacteria that women in particular need to ingest to keep their bodies healthy. Yes, you read that right!

Bacteria or more specifically probiotics are microorganisms, which are present in the intestines of humans and help in maintaining a healthy gut. With women experiencing higher gastronomical issues due to their mensural cycles, hormonal imbalances, unhealthy diet, prolonged exposure to antibiotics and birth control pills, overzealous hygiene habits, environmental toxins, stress, etc., it has become imperative for women to take in additional supplements of probiotics.

Reasons why probiotics are essential for women to stay healthy:

Supports to maintain the perfect vaginal yeast balance: Having a good balance of vaginal yeast is very important to avoid problems with urinary tract infections. Taking probiotics is beneficial for supporting a healthy balance of yeast, as they provide good bacteria to the body. Probiotic strains of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus and L. Fermentum help maintain normal vaginal flora, thereby reducing the risk of urinary discomfort to a substantial extent. They help in keeping the vagina slightly acidic, which does not allow other infectious bacteria to grow.

Promotes metabolism and weight loss: Recent research has correlated the ability of women to lose weight and stay in shape as they age, to the intake of beneficial strains of bacteria. Having a healthy digestive system allows your gut to work at its best. Along with eating healthy, regular exercise and keeping your gut in good health can also lower your stress levels. Some of the best probiotics for women provide them with additional nutrients like zinc, iron, and calcium to take care of the overall bodily requirements. It effectively reduces flatulence and bloating, which cause discomfort to almost all women.

Promotes urinary tract health: Microorganisms in the bodywork very hard to keep our systems in good shape, and they are essential for women to maintain their urinary tract health. Best probiotics for women also include additional D-mannose, a compound found in cranberries, which helps maintain a healthy urogenital health.

Boosts the immune system: Keeping your gut in good health ensures that you are automatically protecting your immune system and making it stronger. Good bacteria in the intestines support your immune system, and probiotic supplements help regain lost good bacteria after a high dosage of antibiotics. They help activate your natural defense mechanisms for supporting lasting health and wellness.

Keeps up the energy levels: Your hormones play with your physical energy levels to a great extent. Probiotics provide a whole support system to kick in boosters when you are feeling low to help you stay active throughout the day. Proper probiotic supplementation can help to ensure that hormones like cortisol (the stress hormone) and neurotransmitters like serotonin (the happiness chemical) are working in harmony to keep you energetic and active.

Some of the best probiotics for women that you can buy at any drugstore and are highly recommended are:

  • RepHresh Feminine Probiotic Supplement
  • Replenish The Good – Women’s Probiotic
  • Best Nest Wellness Women’s Probiotics Supplements
  • NatureWise Time release probiotic women’s care
  • Garden of Life – Dr. Formulated Once Daily Women’s

An important aspect of the best probiotics for women is that they do not cost a lot and can be easily made a part of your daily healthcare regime.

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