Reasons why you should be a member of the Gillette Shave Club

Reasons why you should be a member of the Gillette Shave Club

Shaving is an important part of every man’s life as it enhances the formal appearance and immensely improves your looks. Some men like keeping themselves clean shaven and therefore regularly shave while some shave once in few days.

Gillette is the brand that has been the favorite among men worldwide for decades. Its good quality shaving blade is inexpensive and great for regular usage. The brand has a variety of products to choose from shaving creams to blades.

Gillette aims at fulfilling the requirement of its every customer, and with the it does achieve the same. Never failing in providing satisfaction to its customers, Gillette has been a prominent member of the industry, and here is an account of its products and their reviews.

Will You Save with Gillette Shave Club?

Gillette Shave Club aims at providing exciting discounts and offers to its customers in the international market. It has special kits and shaving blades for beginners as well as professionals. The blades range from $7 to approximately $20. The products are affordable and are priced reasonably, i.e., the price to quality ratio is proportional to each other. The refills also save a great deal of money and effort, and it makes sure that you never run out of blades to maintain your schedule.

Membership with Gillette Shave Club

Becoming a member of the Gillette Shave Club is quite easy. Just choose the right Gillette razor you want, and as you follow the procedures, your membership gets confirmed. The membership is confirmed in which is the official website. With every subscription for 12 months, the shave club members get monthly refills as well.

How does Gillette Shave Club work?

To get started with the procedure and book the right subscription plan for yourself, you just need to follow simple steps, and the subscription is done. First, choose the right razor for yourself which comes with several plans. For example, if you choose the $10 (first purchase offer) Mach 3 turbo razor, you get 5 shaving blade refills and the handle itself, with free shipping facility. You also get the 4th order free of cost, and the refill blades range from $1 to $4 depending on the type of razor purchased. Just when you realize you are about to run out of blades, you can log in to your account and order a refill whenever you need it.

Different Subscription Plans

There has been no change in the subscription plans since 1st January 2017. Three subscriptions are available with three different types of razors which are designed in such a way that these do not get damaged with day to day usage. Sensor 3 Razor, Mach 3 Turbo, and Fusion Pro Shield come with various plans and offers. The shaving blade is also priced accordingly. The Disposable Sensor 3 is great for beginners, and the other two are perfect for professionals or daily users. $7, $10 and $18.45 are the three subscription prices.

Gillette Shaving Blade Reviews and Ratings

A good aftersales service is one that most companies overlook. Gillette cares about consumers’ satisfaction and offers great aftersales service and customer care service with its 24*7 toll-free number. The Customer Service and great offers on its products make the brand one of the top rated brands in the international market. The reviews and ratings are more than 95% positive with 99% accurate deliveries. 98% of the customers would want to refer Gillette Shave Club to a friend. Gillette has received a whopping 4.5 stars out of 5 rating from its customers.

So, say goodbye to your shaving problems with shaving blades for men from Gillette, the name many trust.

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