How can dementia care help the elderly

How can dementia care help the elderly

Assisted living for is an increasingly popular residential care facility for the elderly suffering from dementia. Such institutions are meant for seniors who are active but require assistance for doing everyday activities like bathing, dressing, and eating. These dementia care homes are an amalgamation of housing, healthcare and support services.

How can it help the seniors?
Assisted living for patients needing dementia care can be a blessing in disguise but not everyone might be comfortable it. However, these facilities ensure that patients remain healthy and they also allow their respective family members to visit them on a regular basis.

If you still aren’t sure about assisted living, here are some ways in which it can help you or your loved one with dementia.

  • 24/7 support: The patients would have trained and qualified staff who will be there to look after them all the time. No matter what the problem is, one can always rely on the assisted living personnel from a trustworthy institution.
  • Medical assistance: With specialists available at these assisted living dementia care homes, there would not be any need to worry about patients getting the medical help they might require. The medical specialists would also ensure to keep a check on their medications.
  • Company: With other individuals having similar problems, it would give the patients a sense of belonging. They can make friends, discuss how they feel and know they are not alone in this situation. Having people around is seen to have a positive effect on patients as they do not feel uncomfortable and isolated.
  • Pleasant surroundings: These care homes are in places where a friendly and pleasant environment is maintained, which could positively influence their mind. This can considerably improve their overall health.
  • Physical activity: Assisted living dementia care facilities have provisions for exercises and physiotherapy, which are beneficial to the patients. It helps them keep active. A walking track, gym equipment, and even hydro aerobics may be part of the activities offered in some dementia care homes.

With multiple benefits for the elderly, assisted living centers for dementia care might be a good idea. But it would be advisable to discuss this option of dementia care with patients before opting for it. It is important to make them realize the need for it and how helpful it would be but consider their perspective as well.

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